Free Mentoring Sessions on European Expansion

4 good reasons why we offer free mentoring

  • We like it

    Since many years we are mentoring in various accelerator programs and incubators on international business development.

  • It's important

    Our goal is to raise awareness for international development issues in our mentees as early as possible so that they well prepared.

  • We love to share

    Also, we love to share our knowledge and experience from dozens of successful projects in our careers and with our clients.

  • We are curious

    We are curious to hear about new projects and to meet great professionals and to expand our network.

Book a session with us if you need some advice or steering

  • You are a founder or CEO and want to develop your company in Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands are our sweetspots but we can cover other countries too)?
  • You have taken on the project of developing your company or service in a new market or on an international level?
  • You have just taken the position of country or growth manager in your company and have question about the best ways to structure your plan?
  • You are thinking about taking a position that involves the development of your activities on an international level and you need some first hand advice or feedback?

What you get when you sign up for free mentoring session

  • 30-60 minutes of free 1-to-1 advice on Zoom if you are far or a coffee if we happen to be near.
  • No strings attached, we’re just happy to share advice and curious to meet. Hopefully though we stay in touch after our encounter 🙂.
  • A written summary of actions and ready to use advice.
  • Access to our network if applicable.

Some feedback from accelerators and mentees:

Accelerators and incubators we worked with:

  • Cap Digital - France

    Created in 2006 as a non-profit organisation, Cap Digital is today recognized as the biggest cluster in Europe and one of the largest innovators’ collective in the digital ecosystem.

  • Agoranov - France

    Agoranov is a leading public incubator in Paris, expert in Deeptech, which supports innovative projects in the fields of Industry/Greentechs, Digital and Health.

  • 104Factory - France

    The startup incubator cultural and creative of the CENTQUATRE-PARIS

  • Retailtech Hub - Germany

    Plug and Plays Munich based acceleration program specialised on retail and advertising technologies.

  • Plug and Play Insurtech - Germany

    The Munich based Insurtech Accelerator by Plug and Play is part of the Insurtech Hub in Munich

  • Plug and Play Lafayette - France

    Plug and Plays Paris based acceleration program specialised on retail, advertising and fashion technologies.

  • Plug and Play Enterprise 2.0 - US

    Plug and Play's San Francisco based acceleration program specialised in HR, IT, Accounting, Legal, and Operations.

  • Access 2 Europe - France / Germany

    The Access2Europe project helps European startups enter and scale up in other EU markets by bridging key tech ecosystems.

  • Le Booster SO Digital - France

    This growth accelerator programme for innovative companies supports the development of start-ups in the urban area.