Build an international product roadmap and act on it

Take aways of this workshop

Models and checklists presented during the workshop

The outline for your international product roadmap

Practical list of “things to do” when being back in the office

Your Trainer
Marty Huisman

Marty Huisman

+25 years experience in international business development and marketing. 

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Your global product strategy should lead the product roadmaps that you build.


Roadmaps make product development look so easy, but a lot of thinking and juggling goes into them. This becomes even more challenging when international versions of your product or service are added. This workshops zooms in on the impact of translation and localisation and of dealing with various versions of your product and how to integrate into the roadmap.


  • Introduction, roundtable to capture everyone’s objectives
  • Translation or localization? What is it, what to choose
  • Dealing with international feature requests and special versions
  • Discuss issues you are facing
  • Impact of translation and localization and special featured versions on the roadmap
  • Make your roadmap
  • Review of tools and models
  • Create your practical to-do list, actionable immediately when back in the office

Participant level

This workshop addresses CTO’s and Product Managers




  • Our offices in Paris, Rouen, Nantes or Munich.
  • Your office.

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