Develop and deliver your international sales pitch

Take aways of this workshop

Models presented during the workshop

Outline of your sales pitch

Practical list of “things to do” when being back in the office

Preparation for a couple of minutes that can change your company's destination is essential


In this session you will do most of the talking. Learning by doing is to only way to get your pitch right. Come with your existing pitch, polish it with our tips and get feedback for improvement while presenting it.


  • Introduction, roundtable to capture everyone’s objectives
  • The audience perspective, the pitch and the buying cycle
  • Pitching / presenting: a culture thing
  • Discussion: examples of existing pitches
  • Finetune the pitch that you brought from your company
  • Deliver your pitch and get direct feedback for improvement
  • Review of tools and models
  • Create your practical to-do list, actionable immediately when back in the office

Participant level

CSOs in the first place but also CEO and CMO can benefit from it





  • Our offices in Paris, Rouen or Nantes.
  • Your office (contact us for customized pricing).

Please contact us and we’ll send you a more detailed description of the workshop

The Wyngs Promise


Wyngs workshops are animated by entrepreneurs with international business experience


Wyngs workshops favor exchange amongst participants, in addition to providing actionable content


Wyngs workshops are complemented by an online community, webinars and toolkits