International Product Management

Adapting your product for international customer success

In this program you will learn how to

prepare your products for the international market

accelerate an existing international project

develop or finetune product management

test your ideas with experts and peers

There is no point in building products or features if you do not know why it matters to customers.


  • You are in charge of International Product Management for your companies’ products and services. You are either new to your role or you would like to improve in it.
  • Your company is preparing its first steps across the border or wants to accelerate and perform better internationally.
  • In this module you will be joined by peers from companies with similar issues. The “animators” are using their own experience to transmit knowledge of the topic and facilitate fruitful exchange between you and other participants.
  • You will leave this module with an actionable product management plan in your hands.


This module consist of several workshops, each with a duration of 0,5 day.

Depending on your needs you may follow all or just a selection of these workshops.

  1. Build an international product roadmap and act on it
  2. Overcoming the challenges of international product management

You can book the whole program or the workshops individually by clicking on each workshop.

Participant level

CTO, Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager




  • Our offices in Paris, Rouen, Nantes or Munich.
  • Your office.

Please contact us and we’ll send you a more detailed description of the workshop

The Wyngs Promise


Wyngs workshops are animated by entrepreneurs with international business experience


Wyngs workshops favor exchange amongst participants, in addition to providing actionable content


Wyngs workshops are complemented by an online community, webinars and toolkits