Multiply your international success through partnerships

Take aways of this workshop

Models presented during the workshop

Spreadsheets to calculate partnership investments and revenues

Outline of your company’s partnership approach

Practical list of “things to do” when being back in the office

Commercial success in your home market is no guarantee for international expansion.


Multiplying your (small) resources through smart partnerships sounds like a no-brainer. However success is not guaranteed and it requires good choices, discipline and upfront planning to get the most out of these relations abroad.


  • Introduction, roundtable to capture everyone’s objectives
  • Overview of various partnership approaches (technology, distribution, retail, VAD, consulting), advantages and constraints
  • Finding the right partners
  • Contracting with partners, calculating financial agreements
  • Driving the partners to results, animate a scalable network
  • Create the outlines of your partner plan, develop ideas on how to find your partners
  • Testimonial, Q&A
  • Review of tools and models
  • Create your practical to-do list, actionable immediately when back in the office

Participant level

CEO’s, CSO and CMO but people with COO and CTO level can also benefit from it




  • Our offices in Paris, Rouen, Nantes or Munich.
  • Your office.

Please contact us and we’ll send you a more detailed description of the workshop

The Wyngs Promise


Wyngs workshops are animated by entrepreneurs with international business experience


Wyngs workshops favor exchange amongst participants, in addition to providing actionable content


Wyngs workshops are complemented by an online community, webinars and toolkits