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It depends – the timing for internationalisation depends on various factors, for example the go-to-market strategy or the growth ambitions.

Consider which criteria are most important for you in a new market. Then start with a market analysis. This does not necessarily mean a 6-month and costly project, but it can also be an initial market screening to clarify your needs.

What you should start with depends individually on your company. However, it is always good to prepare a minimum. After a market analysis, we usually suggest preparing a concrete market entry strategy, which we usually start with a localisation phase.

No. Every country has its own particularities that have to be considered individually.

No. Companies often test the market to find out if their strategies can be implemented and establish a local framework only after a few years. This way they can test the market potential and get to know the market.

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The short answer is: Yes! Content gives your potential customers first insights into what your company can do for them and additionally strengthens their perception of you as an expert in what you do.

You can take some steps in English to TEST the market and make initial contacts. But NO, you cannot DEVELOP the market in English only. Because YES, Germans like to buy (in) German, just as the French like to buy (in) French. Putting in a minimum of effort to show your interlocutor that they are an important customer is appreciated.

Again, the answer is: it depends. This process can take some time, usually at least 6 months. Do not expect the first successes too quickly. Do not forget: The new market and the new target group do not know you yet. You have to build up your awareness and reputation step by step.

Let’s look at this question from another angle: How much time can you invest yourself? Do you already have sales staff in your team who can address and convince customers in the new market, ideally in the local language? Can your current employees from all areas invest some of their working time in the internationalisation project? Do not believe that a country manager (or worse an intern) alone can develop a new market quickly and sustainably.


Our top priority at Wyngs is to work closely with our customers to meet their needs. We can promise you one thing: With us, analyses and strategies don’t just end up in a drawer, we also support you in getting started operationally. We don’t just give good advice, we start concrete actions together.

We specialise in internationalisation in Germany, France and the Netherlands. We have already implemented projects in other European countries such as Spain, Italy and Switzerland with our partner network.

You can meet our team in Paris and DĂŒsseldorf. We are always available for a coffee or tea 🙂

Because we always start with the why. We want to express that you should know the why of your internationalisation process and analyse where you stand. 

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